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7 Forbidden Frooooooots and a dog


My Role


Completion Date

Solo Developer

Platformer Game


7 Forbidden Frooooooots and a dog is my very first game prototype/demo I made in my life. It was made on GameMaker Studio 2.

In 7 Forbidden Frooooooots and a dog, you will control a dog that travels to the forbidden island in search of the forbidden frooooooots that was said to be able to cure any disease in order to save its owner. Each level will be a platformer game where you need to collect enough frooooooots to pass the trial and proceed to the next while trying to not get killed by the beasts lurking on the island. 

This game is a very basic platformer game with janky physics. Its purpose was to get myself some experience assembling simple designs, codes, and art assets altogether into a playable demo.

I spent around 2 months making this from the ground up. It was my first experience making some sort of game prototype. I was really proud and satisfied with it. Also, the dog has become my avatar/mascot ever since.

The prototype can be downloaded at page via the link below.

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