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(fans) Museum of  Bernhard Willhelm

My Role


Completion Date

Solo Developer

Point and Click Game


(fans) Museum of  Bernhard Willhelm is a game prototype that explores some of the designer's works. Try clicking here and there to see if something happens.

The theme for this prototype was to make a game based on Bernhard Willhelm, a fashion designer.


When I researched his works, I found that a lot of them were 'set design' rather than being 'fashion design' as in an aspect of clothing alone. Although reading into this sort of expressionist work is not what I was familiar with, I still love just the way they look and feel on the surface. And so I just decided to add some interaction into those work, adding another layer on it with my imagination. 

Overall, I just genuinely think his works are super cool and want to let people see them.

The prototype can be downloaded or played on browser at page via the link below.

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