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JG present. Harlequin and Mother Goose

My Role


Completion Date

Solo Developer

Physics Game


JG present. Harlequin and Mother Goose is a game prototype that lets players explore some bits of what they can do by moving around the weird physics of the arms and legs of an actor in an old famous play by the same name as the game itself.


The theme for this prototype was "The Royal Opera House".


Fun facts: when I was assigned the theme, the first thing I thought about was to make a prototype that played with how you sing into the microphone. Something like detecting player voice's pitch level and make the character moves according to that, although the idea never had a chance to see the light of day due to the complexity of working with sound in Unity and of course the time limit.

Eventually, I came back to make it into a weird physics game with references from Joseph Grimaldi's 'Harlequin and Mother Goose,' a famous play at the Royal Opera House. This was due to how charming I found in the painting representing the play and wanted to try making some rough animation with it.

The prototype can be downloaded or played on browser at page via the link below.

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