Zenith Junction

My Role

UI/UX Designer

2D Artist and Animator

Technical Artist

Game Designer


Digital Deck-Building

Role-Playing Game


Dylan Nelkin

Siddarth Govindan

Chapin Boyer

Completion Date

Ongoing / TBD

Zenith Junction is a digital deck-building RPG where players use tiny sets of cards to defeat massive foes. Zenith Junction takes deck-building strategy to the next level; not only do players craft their decks both in and outside of battle, but each turn they split their cards into three "engines," making the best possible combination to outsmart the enemy. Zenith Junction bridges the gap between tabletop and digital card games- and does it all on top of a runaway train.

The prototype can be downloaded at itch.io page via the link below.

Zenith Junction was nominated into Indiecade 2020 finalist for the Procedural Design award

Check out our Indiecade 2020 game page via the link below

COMBAT Interface development


35 out of 61 card arts has been designed and implemented 

Concept Arts + Sketches

all assets have been made, designed, and implemented by myself.